Is Your Private Banker Your Primary Care Financial Services Provider?

By Rob Lindley
Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Medical professionals know that it often takes a team of people to take care of a patient, and the same can be said for the support needed to successfully manage someone’s diverse financial and banking needs. The most effective private wealth services banking relationships surround the client with a team of professionals with specialized financial expertise ready to support you and your business.

Rob Lindley

While it is valuable to have a team around you, it can also be difficult to understand the roles each person plays. Your private banker is generally your initial point of contact for any banking needs. Like a sports coach, he or she should have a clear understanding of the roles of the banking team surrounding you and can work with the right person to make sure you are getting the attention and value you deserve in every circumstance. In addition, your private banker should be someone you talk to often, who understands your industry, and is familiar with your plan for current and future financial growth. Also, private bankers are unique in that they have the proficiency to support both your personal and business financial needs.

Not only does a private banker take care of your primary deposit and loan needs, but he or she will also help you navigate uncharted waters and provide opportunities to help increase revenue and save money. Deposit and lending services are at the core of what a private banker can offer, but there are additional skills that make some private bankers stand apart. Their focus is to keep the relationship centered around you and your needs, and this strategic approach helps to develop the right banking solutions for today and into the future.

Amegy Bank’s Private Wealth Services bankers thrive on this approach. Customizing solutions and exceeding expectations are just part of the daily routine. Our private bankers deliver by first listening attentively to understand your needs and then offering the right deposit and lending solutions. They can also introduce other bank partners to make sure your team has the expertise necessary to overcome any financial challenges and meet all your banking needs.

Rob Lindley is a Senior Vice President in Private Wealth Services at Amegy Bank, a division of ZB, NA, Member FDIC, in San Antonio. An experienced financial services professional, Lindley excels in finding customized solutions to meet the unique needs of physicians and other healthcare professionals. For more information, please contact Lindley at 210-343-4526 or