What Should You Do To Protect Against Fraud?

By Denise Smith
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

As technology rapidly changes, you are more prone to fraud attacks, so it’s essential you know how to protect your accounts from fraud. Take the opportunity to review them often to reduce that risk.

    Denise Smith
    • Update your personal information so your bank has current phone numbers and email addresses at all times.
    • Use caution when replying to requests for information, and never agree to send money or private data without confirming the legitimacy of the requestor.
    • Shred preapprovals for credit cards, destroy cards you no longer use and keep identification documents in a safe location.
    • Create difficult passwords that you change frequently and do not share with others.
    • Keep antivirus software updated to limit your exposure to malware during everyday online banking activities.
    • Monitor your credit and debit cards by reviewing credit and debit card transactions frequently to keep track of your payments.
    • Enroll to receive text or app messages to detect a suspicious transaction on your debit or credit card.
    • Notify your bank of your itineraries or last-minute trip changes to help avoid card disruption while traveling.
    • Use online bill pay to decrease your risk for mail fraud. Find a service with an online tool that tracks bill due dates, schedules and sends payments immediately, and debits your account automatically.
    • Sign up for e-documents. These convenient, eco-friendly account statements and notices reduce the chance of mail fraud.
    • Use a mobile banking app on your tablet or smartphone — as well as a secure Wi-Fi network — to stay informed about your accounts while you are on the go.
    • Add balance alerts to warn you about major balance changes to your accounts.

    A close working relationship with your banker is key for helping you prevent the fraud and navigate the process if fraud does occur on your account.

    Denise Smith is a Vice President and a Private Banker in San Antonio for Amegy Bank, a division of Zions Bancorporation NA, Member FDIC. An experienced banker, Smith specializes in the healthcare industry. She meets regularly with healthcare experts to stay on top of issues and industry changes that impact the healthcare business. Her goal is to offer clients one-on-one, personalized and comprehensive service. For more information, please contact Smith at 210-343-4502 or email denise.c.smith@amegybank.com.