Uni-Knee Procedure:
 a Better Alternative for Many

By: Elizabeth Luna
Thursday, May 2, 2013

Roy Rohrer relates to the author a story of healing and renewal at the hands of Elliott Clemence, M.D.

I play baseball for the San Antonio Legends, a 65-plus league, so you can imagine how critical knee functionality is for me. I originally had knee surgery in 1970. Although I recovered from the surgery as well as could be expected, over time, the pain returned. Since running and playing baseball is part of who I am, when the pain returned and the osteoarthritis in my knees rubbed bone against bone, I knew I had to do something. I started asking around, and that’s when I learned about Dr. Clemence, orthopedic surgeon at the South Texas Center for Orthopedics.

Roy Rohrer
Roy Rohrer

When I went in to consult with Dr. Clemence, I thought he’d tell me I needed a total knee replacement. I was concerned about that option because post-operative limited mobility simply wasn’t conducive to my active, energetic lifestyle. So I was pleasantly surprised when he recommended the Unicompartmental Knee System (Uni-Knee) implant procedure instead.

“I’ve been sending my patients to Dr. Clemence for years. My patients have done well under his care,” says Carlos Correa, M.D., Chief of Staff at Southwest General Hospital and board-certified internal medicine physician. “Uni-Knee is a relatively new procedure. My patients have increased function after surgery compared to other procedures, as well as better operative course and easier post-operative course. Hospital stays have shown improved function by Day Two.”

“The Uni-Knee is a good alternative because it allows for more range of motion and shorter recovery time for the patient,” Dr. Clemence explains. “Many will qualify for this procedure, but not all, so it’s important to get a consultation.”

Elliot Clemence
Elliot I. Clemence, M.D.

I was very impressed with Dr. Clemence’s consultation; he was very thorough. He explained to me that he uses a computerized surgical model for total knee. This precision-based technique enables him to check his accuracy as he operates.

I had my surgery in June 2011. I experienced the typical recovery swelling and soreness, but with regular rehab, I was up and mobile in no time. At six months, I was back on the field playing baseball — and I am proud to note that I’m now the fastest person in the league. My Uni-Knee procedure with Dr. Clemence hasn’t slowed me down one bit. My knees don’t bother me, even when I slide, run or jump. Last month, I played in a City of San Antonio seniors tournament and won four straight games.

I am totally satisfied. I’d tell anyone suffering from knee pain to consult with Dr. Clemence. He’s done well by me. You CAN do whatever you like to do — without pain. I’m living proof.

Dr. Elliott I. Clemence is an experienced orthopedic surgeon practicing at Southwest General Hospital. He has performed more than 2,000 knee procedures. As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Clemence specializes in navigating knees, focusing on the Uni-Knee procedure.

Visit www.satotalknee.com or call (201) 924-9000 to refer a patient to Dr. Clemence.