Advanced Weight-Loss Surgery at San Antonio’s University Hospital Results in Healthier Patients

Surgeons with University Health System offer a full spectrum of bariatric procedures and complementary programs to help patients achieve their weight-loss goals, improve their overall health and enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

The Health Collaborative

Improving the Health Status of the Community by Supporting Family Health and Fitness

New Weight Loss Solutions Center at Southwest General Hospital Offers Bariatric Surgery and Total Body Enhancement

Nilesh Patel, MD, Medical Director of Bariatrics at Southwest General Hospital, and Deowall Chattar-Cora, MD, board-certified plastic surgeon, collaborate to provide a life-affirming patient experience and superior outcomes.

Implementing an Effective 
MetS Program

Metabolic syndrome (MetS), defined by a group of symptoms that together raise the risk of heart disease, diabetes, liver disease and stroke, is becoming a health issue of increasing concern. MetS is tied closely to body weight, so as we see the rate of obesity rising, this syndrome is becoming more and more common. The American Heart Association estimates that 35 percent of U.S. adults have MetS.

CHRISTUS Weight Loss Institute – Westover Hills: Expert Care in an Atmosphere of Trust

At CHRISTUS Weight Loss Institute – Westover Hills, experts use bariatric surgery to remedy — and even prevent — serious health issues.

for Weight Loss

Obesity is a major health problem worldwide, and it has reached epidemic proportion in Western society. Evidence that obesity is a major risk factor for many diseases and is associated with significant morbidity and mortality continues to accumulate.