Mind-Body Medicine Across the Cancer Continuum

The risk of developing cancer is not uncommon, since there are nearly 200 diseases of abnormal cell growth. Many cancer research efforts include the promise of improving patient quality of life through multidisciplinary approaches for the continuity of care, yet patients often report...

FDA Fast Tracks Skin Cancer Drug After Success That Began at the START Center

Immunotherapy is the new frontier in cancer treatment, and researchers at START are at the forefront. START is one of the largest Phase 1 clinical trial organizations in the world.

Navigators Go Above and Beyond to Assist Cancer Patients

A patient says Baptist Health System’s navigator helped her find ‘new normal.’

ONCOLOGISTS: Don’t miss the Best of ASCO Texas Review 2018, on the RiverWalk, June 23

The Mays Cancer Center at UT Health San Antonio is hosting the Best of ASCO Texas Review at the Omni La Mansion Del Rio on San Antonio’s famous Riverwalk.

Treating Cancer, Healing People

As evidence mounts for the importance of addressing cancer’s hidden effects, Methodist Healthcare is building on a decades-old history of pioneering holistic cancer care in San Antonio and south Texas.

When Given All Choices for Breast Reconstruction, More Women Are Opting Against Implants

Implants are the most common method of breast reconstruction performed today, but they are not considered the gold standard. Because of the extra training needed and the complexity of more advanced procedures like the DIEP flap, few centers in the U.S. truly offer the full spectrum of breast reconstruction procedures. Unfortunately, reports today show seven out of 10 women are never told about all their breast reconstruction options, with many believing implants are the only choice.

Baptist Cancer Care: Our Approach to a Patient’s Needs

The prevention and treatment of breast cancer is optimally achieved through a well-orchestrated team approach. The Baptist Breast Center Network was created over five years ago to provide Bexar County and South Texas with an efficient and compassionate model to prevent and treat breast cancer. As a result the Breast Center has garnered and maintained national recognition and certification of excellence through the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC).

Study Recommends Women Younger than 60 with Breast Cancer Should Lose Weight to Increase Survival

Obesity and weight gain have long been risk factors associated with death from breast cancer. In a recent study published in the journal Cancer, a multi-institutional team of researchers, headed by Virginia Kaklamani, MD, from UT Health San Antonio, focused on the factors that affect weight gain in women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Texas Oncology – San Antonio’s Comprehensive Care Center

Cancer care close to home is now more advanced, available and comfortable with the opening of Texas Oncology–San Antonio’s new Comprehensive Care Center. The 40,000-square-foot center is dedicated to giving cancer patients enhanced access to medical and surgical oncology services,...

START Researchers Continue to Usher In a New Era of Precision Medicine for Cancer

In May of this year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted accelerated approval for the first time for a cancer treatment based on a common biomarker rather than the location in the body where the tumor originated. The drug, Keytruda (pembrolizumab), which was first tested at START in San Antonio’s Medical Center, is now approved for treating solid tumors in any organ so long as the malignancy bears a specific genetic signature.