Case Studies/Studies

Thirdhand Smoke Exposure May Increase Lung Cancer Risk, Study Finds

Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) in California have found a link between thirdhand smoke (THS) exposure and lung cancer risk in mice.

Study Recommends Women Younger than 60 with Breast Cancer Should Lose Weight to Increase Survival

Obesity and weight gain have long been risk factors associated with death from breast cancer. In a recent study published in the journal Cancer, a multi-institutional team of researchers, headed by Virginia Kaklamani, MD, from UT Health San Antonio, focused on the factors that affect weight gain in women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Study Reveals Sleep Loss May Lead to Lost Neurons

Lack of sleep could result in irreversible physical damage, including the loss of brain cells. That’s the conclusion of a recent University of Pennsylvania study, “Extended Wakefulness: Compromised Metabolics in and Degeneration of Locus Ceruleus Neurons,” published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

Study Links Poor Sleep to Diabetes

Poor sleep could result in diabetes. In the June 6, 2014, online edition of The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, researchers concluded there appears to be a confirmed link between sleep apnea and the risk of developing diabetes.

Immunize for Community Health

Doctors are parents’ most trusted source of vaccine-safety information, and physicians say they’re spending more time during well-child visits educating parents about vaccines and addressing concerns. With the evolution of vaccinations, smallpox has been eradicated, and polio has substantially decreased worldwide. No other medical intervention has done more to save lives and improve quality of life.