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Bipolar Disorder ... Misunderstood & Misdiagnosed

Stacey is a 27-year-old female who presented at her Primary Care Physician’s office with significant symptoms of depression, which have been present consistently over the past three weeks. She recently finished her graduate thesis and attributed her mood change to exhaustion and stress. Her depressive symptoms included severe fatigue, crying spells, decreased appetite and insomnia. Stacey also reported feelings of hopelessness, a sense of failure and pessimism about the future. She had been planning on starting a position as an adjunct professor, but her loss of concentration and lack of energy stopped her from accepting this position.

Physicians Hearing Network: Providing a Unique Service to Physicians and Patients

Hearing loss is the second most prevalent health issue globally. The number of people with hearing loss is more than those living with Parkinson’s, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and diabetes combined, according to the Hearing Health Foundation. Unfortunately, hearing loss can go undetected, undiagnosed and untreated for years because it is a gradual process that people rarely notice immediately.

Innovation + Technology = World-Class Cancer Care at Methodist Healthcare

For decades, physicians relied solely on the three pillars of cancer care — chemotherapy, radiation and surgery — as the cornerstones of oncologic treatment plans. Over the past 20 years, however, a revolution has taken place in the field of oncology as physicians and researchers develop exciting new options for less invasive treatments that offer better results with fewer side effects.

Technology Accelerator Will Prevent Good Ideas From Going to Waste

Medical breakthroughs are the result of arduous research and great effort, but if they are never translated into new therapies, drugs or treatments, they benefit no one.

World-Class Urologic Oncology Care for South Texas at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System

In just two years, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System has assembled a team of nearly 40 urologic oncologists and other specialists from across San Antonio that focuses on diagnosing, treating and preventing urologic cancers in south Texas, close to where patients live and work.

Leave No Man Behind: Innovations in Combat Casualty Care

The U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research (USAISR) helps save the lives of wounded warriors through extensive research and contributions to advanced medical technologies and techniques.

HEAL: The Mind-Body Way

Designed to generate a clear mind, yoga comes from the sanskrit word “yuj” which means “to yoke” or “to join.” Yoga, at its very essence, is the union of mind, body and spirit. The practice itself bridges the mind and body into one cohesive unit through breath and attention, allowing us to access complete presence. Peace is taking in the moment with equanimity as it is rather than as you “think” it should be. For the common person, yoga offers an entire landscape of mental maintenance to prevent negative feedback loops and neglected mental hygiene.

Wave Healthcare Eases the Hospital-to-Home Transition for Pediatric Respiratory Disease Patients and Their Families

With a team of experienced respiratory care therapists and offices in five locations throughout Texas, Wave Healthcare provides the equipment, expertise and education that infants and children who require respiratory support need to begin life at home after discharge from the hospital...

HPV Vaccine Can Prevent Cancer, but Texas Ranks 47th in the Country for Vaccination Rates

On June 8, 2006, the FDA approved a cancer prevention vaccine that helps protect against six types of cancer related to human papillomavirus (HPV). But 12 years later, Texas ranks 47th out of 50 states for HPV vaccination rates among children ages 13 to 17, with only 33 percent of kids...

New Prostate Cancer Screening Guidelines Could Detect Cancer Early, Save Lives

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recently issued new guidance on PSA testing for the early detection of prostate cancer that may help thousands of men each year.

Previously recommending against screening, after considering new information, the Task Force has now concluded...