San Antonio Ketamine Infusion Clinic Seeks to Offer Relief

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Klarisana is breaking new grounds in the treatment of bipolar disorder (BPD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and chronic pain.

Based in San Antonio and soon to expand to other markets, Klarisana is a breakthrough ketamine infusion clinic that aims to give patients an alternative therapeutic option for relief of their conditions. In 2015, Carl J. Bonnett, MD, founded Klarisana after his experience in both military and civilian emergency care. Dr. Bonnett saw the need for an alternative option of healing for his many patients suffering from mental illness and severe pain conditions.

Dr. Bonnett is a board-certified (ABEM) emergency medicine physician and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pain Management. During his 20 years serving in the Army National Guard (Lieutenant Colonel), he had four deployments to the Middle East (Iraq 2003, Afghanistan 2007 and 2010, Kuwait 2012) and also responded to New Orleans in support of the relief efforts following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He previously worked in a Department of Veterans Affairs emergency department for four years, and while there he developed a clear understanding of the way in which health care is delivered to our nation’s veterans. Klarisana is dedicated to perfecting the ketamine infusion process for optimal treatment.

Another important part of Klarisana’s mission is breaking the cycle of prescription narcotics. By reducing the dependency on narcotic pain medication and the need to compensate for tolerance, Klarisana hopes to combat the national health crisis of unintentional overdose and death.

What Is Ketamine Infusion?

Ketamine is traditionally known as a sedative to perform procedures (typically in the ED), but it has recently seen an increase in use for the treatment of various pain conditions and mental illnesses. Since the process is still relatively new, it’s impossible to set a baseline standard that will work for all patients. However, past ketamine studies by the NIH placed a recommended dosage at .05mg/kg. Follow-up studies have shown this dosage to be too low when hoping to accomplish results. Every patient’s personal experience is unique, and Klarisana practices patient-centered care and dosage. The Institute of Medicine defines patient-centered care as “providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs and values, and ensuring that the patient’s values guide all clinical decisions.”

For example, when treating depression at Klarisana, we label our ketamine infusions as psychotropic infusion therapy (PIT). The result of PIT is psychotropic therapeutic response (PTR). The PTR is the level that optimal treatment results occur and is found through customized dosage levels for each patient. Working with a patient-centered dosage offers the longest period of time where the best results will take place.

The Klarisana Process

The Klarisana Process lasts about two hours, with one hour for infusion and a second hour for post-treatment evaluation, reflection and meditation. For our Complex Regional Pain Syndrome patients, the infusion process lasts longer (up to four hours), due to the unique challenges of the condition. Chronic pain infusions also will include several synergistic medications (non-narcotic) for maximum benefit.

Klarisana also endeavors to partner with primary care and mental health professionals to offer hope to patients with new viable treatment solutions. Partnering is not an attempt to replace these practices, but rather to offer an option for relief in partnership with the practices’ expertise and treatment options.

This is a unique and exciting time for the treatment of these conditions and Dr. Bonnett and his team at Klarisana are seeing great results and genuine relief for their patients.

For more information visit Klarisana online at or contact them via phone at 210-556-1430.