The Region’s Premier Facility for Medical and Surgical Weight Loss

By Thomas Crocker
Thursday, March 1, 2018

Sage Bariatric Institute is a full-service destination for weight management that supports patients for a lifetime.

Accredited as a Bariatric Center of Excellence by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, Sage Bariatric Institute defines itself with one word: comprehensive. The practice offers the full gamut of services for treating obesity, including a medical weight-loss program that operates under the supervision of an internal medicine physician and four fellowship-trained bariatric surgeons who perform the latest weight-loss procedures and all of the ancillary services that are critical to patients’ long-term success.

A Multidisciplinary Model

A hallmark of Sage Bariatric Institute’s approach to treating obesity is multispecialty care. It starts with Clinical Director Monica Anz-Cavazos, MD, a bariatrician who collaborates with two nurse practitioners to create individualized medical weight-loss plans for patients who are not candidates for surgery. Dr. Anz-Cavazos and her medical team also work with surgical patients to optimize health before and after their procedures.

For patients who need more intensive therapy, the surgeons at Sage Bariatric Institute have been recognized as San Antonio Top Docs since 2006. They possess more than 30 years of collective experience and have performed more than 10,000 weight-loss surgeries.

“We offer the full range of bariatric procedures, from minimal interventions, such as the intragastric balloon, to familiar procedures, such as sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and adjustable gastric banding,” says Sonny Cavazos, MD, FACS, FASMBS, bariatric surgeon at Sage Bariatric Institute. “Biliopancreatic diversions with duodenal switch and revision surgeries are also part of our repertoire. Experience is vital when it comes to the safety of bariatric surgery. Our low complication rate is a testament to our experience as a group.”

Wraparound Support

Whether patients enter the surgical or medical weight-loss programs at Sage Bariatric Institute, they find the ancillary services and support they need at every step of the process.

“We have a laboratory on-site, as well as a full-time dietitian,” says John Pilcher, MD, FACS, FASMBS, bariatric surgeon at Sage Bariatric Institute. “Our newest pieces are a fully integrated physical therapy team that customizes exercise programs for patients and a multidisciplinary psychology group that helps individuals establish healthier relationships with food.”

For surgical patients, the first few months after surgery are when they need support most.

“We ensure patients are plugged into support groups, work with our psychology team and get exercise guidance from our physical therapists,” Dr. Cavazos says. “Our follow-up protocol includes frequent appointments during the early postoperative phase. Maintaining close contact with patients early after surgery is critical because that’s when they’re really buying in and seeing weight come off. It’s a time to impart education and make behavior modification recommendations that are important to their success.”

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