Quality Care Is Closer Than Ever at Franklin Park TPC Parkway Senior Living

By Josh Garcia
Thursday, July 19, 2018

A physician’s office now open at Franklin Park TPC Parkway Senior Living campus allows residents and their family members to live with peace of mind and the knowledge that quality care is only steps away.

The Franklin Park TPC Parkway Senior Living campus is made up of independent living cottages, assisted living apartments and a memory care neighborhood that meet the needs of a variety of residents. While the services at TPC Parkway cover numerous health conditions, living situations, interests and hobbies, a new addition to the campus provides additional levels of care and comfort for residents and their family members.

Bringing Care to TPC Parkway

Late last year, Jibrail Kasperkhan, MD, internist and geriatrician at Franklin Park, was in the market for a new office location. His office at the time was reaching the end of its lease, and he was searching for a more visible location where he could also be closer to patients.

“When we were approached by the Franklin Park team about the option to move to TPC Parkway, I knew it would be more convenient for my patients who were already residents there,” Dr. Kasperkhan says. “Whether they were in assisted living or in one of the memory care units, I could also provide services to new residents who moved into TPC Parkway.”

As Dr. Kasperkhan was contemplating the move, Franklin Park was in the latter stages of a construction project at TPC Parkway.

“The star aligned — it was an opportune time to bring Dr. Kasperkhan onboard,” says Cary Larsen, Director of Corporate Operations at Franklin Park.

Existing space was converted into a doctor’s office to make room for Dr. Kasperkhan’s practice. The project went smoothly, with Dr. Kasperkhan bringing his own equipment to allow his staff to perform lab work, tests, nebulizer treatments for patients with lung conditions and other routine medical procedures.

Luke Classen, President of Franklin Park, helped guide the project.

“I’ve assisted other communities in bringing physicians onsite before I joined Franklin Park,” Classen says. “Having Dr. Kasperkhan here at TPC Parkway provides more services that allow our residents to age in place without moving to a more intensive care facility.”

“This program is great because it allows the doctor to provide more hands-on services to more residents in a close-knit environment. The doctor can grow his practice and do what he does best without worrying about the business side of running an office. Patients from outside are also excited and pleased to see Dr. Kasperkhan in a warm, residential setting, as compared with a more sterile or cold doctor’s office building.”
— Luke Classen, President of Franklin Park

Convenience and Communication

Dr. Kasperkhan has been practicing out of his new office at TPC Parkway since March. In addition to providing primary care services, Dr. Kasperkhan and his staff are also available to assist and perform assessments in emergent situations, regardless of whether residents use him as their primary care doctor. Instead of going to an urgent care clinic and being assessed by a stranger when health issues arise, patients can visit a primary care doctor who is familiar with their background, chronic health conditions and preferences.

“There’s a sense of comfort for residents and their families in knowing that a physician is so close,” Larsen says. “This is especially true for residents with transportation and mobility issues.

“Many of my patients require somebody to guide or accompany them to appointments, which can mean their family members have to take time off work to drive them to the doctor’s office,” Dr. Kasperkhan adds. “Having an office onsite with walk-in appointments available where patients can receive care sooner rather than later can prevent complications and allow us to assess the need for urgent care.”

Dr. Kasperkhan also keeps an open line of communication with his patients and their families by providing them with his cellphone number. Often, he finds that one of family members’ greatest concerns when they are examining residential living facilities is the ease of communication with doctors about the health status of their loved ones. Even when Dr. Kasperkhan is performing rounds at other facilities offsite, this accessibility allows him to delegate care back at TPC Parkway.

“If someone calls or texts me with concerns, I can call my staff and have them perform lab work or make prescriptions as needed,” Dr. Kasperkhan says. “With elderly patients, you want to make sure you’re addressing concerns quickly to keep complications from developing. Some people can’t wait — they may wind up in the hospital the next day without early care.”

“Many physicians who work with residents at senior living facilities don’t have a practice of their own — they only work in hospitals. When family members want to talk to their loved one’s doctor, they have to make an appointment, and it can be inconvenient for all involved to set a place and time to talk. At TPC Parkway, families can see me in my office and take as much time as they need to talk about their family members and preferences for care. It’s a lot easier for people in this setting.”
— Jibrail Kasperkhan,MD, internist and geri atrician at Franklin Park

Easier Transitions

Dr. Kasperkhan sees many other patients who are not residents at TPC Parkway. When they visit his new office, they also have the opportunity to see what a senior living campus looks like, which can help ease any fears or concerns that they and their family members may have about transitioning to a more structured living environment in the future.

“The more you know about something, the more comfortable you become with it,” Larsen says.

The difference between Dr. Kasperkhan’s office and a typical doctor’s office setting is also a nice change of pace for most visitors.

“All of my patients who have visited the new clinic love it,” Dr. Kasperkhan says. “At a typical medical office, there’s the waiting room and the parking lot. Here, we have a lobby with food and other conveniences — it’s a more relaxing and friendly space. I’m lucky to have an office here.”

To learn more about Franklin Park TPC Parkway, visit franklinpark.org/tpc-parkway. To reach Dr. Kasperkhan’s office, call 210-491-1690.