Q&A With a San Antonio Relocation Expert

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

With a spot in Forbes’ Top 10 list of Fastest-Growing Cities and Milken Institute’s 2015 Best-Performing Cities report1, it’s no wonder why medical professionals are looking to relocate to the San Antonio area. While a strong job market and a surplus of people to serve is enticing to individuals in the healthcare industry, relocating is not always as simple as a quick move. Fortunately, there are fantastic resources, including relocation experts, to help transferees make their move as smooth as possible.

Robin Morris, Relocation Coordinator, Phyllis Browning Co.

MD News sat down with Phyllis Browning Company’s Relocation Coordinator, Robin Morris, to gain insight on her expertise with relocating professionals to the San Antonio area.

Q: Transferees often are concerned with the disruption a move will have on their families. What do you do to help set them at ease?

A: I start by asking about the move, who will be relocating (children, spouse, etc.) and what the most important part of their move is (schools, area, price point, etc.). It is imperative to listen to what the transferees are saying during the initial conversation. If children are involved in the move, there may be an extra-curricular activity or specific need that will have to be filled. I have personally moved 13 times with my family, and with that many relocations, it took more than just sending a photo to the new class for my children to get excited about the move.

Q: How can a transferee decide on his or her preferred area of town without knowing the city?

A: I try to give transferees a vocal tour of the city and the area where their new office is located. We discuss traffic patterns, school districts and any other questions regarding their move. I suggest a city tour to help them get a feel for the area where they will be working, as well as the surrounding areas. If time does not permit, I suggest that the assigned agent spend time going over a city map before leaving the office so the transferee will have an idea about San Antonio’s structure and layout.

Q: How do transferees find out what is covered by their employer regarding relocation services?

A: They need to discuss with their employer/counselor what will be covered so they understand what is expected on both ends — surprises are never good. Every transferee’s move is different, and he or she needs to discuss and understand the package before starting the process.

Q: How should transferees begin the process of looking for a new home if they are unsure of the cost of living difference and don’t know what they can afford?

A: Before you start looking at homes, it is best to speak with a mortgage lender to help you better understand what you can afford at your new location. There are also internet tools such as CNN’s and Best Places’ cost-of-living calculators. These sites will give you basic financial information after comparing your current city and your new city. Another resource is your moving counselor or new human resource department. I also advise to seek out employees who have moved in a similar situation. They can share their experiences.

For assistance with buying a home and relocating to San Antonio, please contact Robin at 210-408-4028 or rmorris@phyllisbrowning.com.