Put On a Show That Will Light Up Your Practice

By Kristy Parker
Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It’s summertime in Texas, and that makes me think of three things: swimming pools, watermelon and fireworks!

I don’t know a lot about fireworks, but I do know which ones catch my attention and keep me engaged in the show. I also have a pretty good idea about the ones that are fun for about a split second and then they are done.

Take the sparkler, for instance. It’s an excellent choice for beginners. They are bright and safe but they fizzle out quickly. They don’t leave much of a lasting impression.

Then you have the black cats. Those are cool. They are full of sound and even make a really loud BOOM. But then they’re done.

Now the bottle rockets — these are special. They take off! They fly out! And then they flame out. Oh well.

If you really want to put on a show, you’ll need to take a step up and go for the Roman candles. These bad boys will light up the night. They will catch and retain everyone’s attention throughout the show. And if you launch them frequently enough and long enough, you’ll even make a lasting impression on your audience.

You could be a Master of Fireworksology!

Now think about your marketing program for your practice.

What kind of “fireworks show” are you putting on?

Do you take gift baskets around to all of your referral sources during the holidays in hopes that they will continue supporting your practice the following year? That is a very nice gesture — after all, who doesn’t like receiving a gift basket? But that’s kind of like the sparklers of the fireworks show. They are fun and safe, but they don’t make a lasting impression.

Do you have someone in your office assigned to market your practice whenever they can? If so, good job! Your show is getting better. However, it might get the same results that the black cats and bottle rockets would get if they were the only fireworks being used in a show. You might get a quick surge in referrals from the BOOM that your staff member’s sudden visit generated, but if he or she isn’t going back consistently and frequently enough, your audience will get bored. They will get distracted between the pops and bursts. That means they aren’t thinking about you enough. That means they aren’t consistently sending you patients.

Now ... do you have a marketing rep designated to market your practice with the right delivery? Are they delivering the right message to the right audience? Are they visiting your target audience frequently enough to retain their attention between each exciting explosion?

If you do, then you have a marketing program that will light up your medical practice and create a lasting impression. You have armed yourself well. Let the show begin!

If you are still tinkering with sparklers and bottle rockets but desire to take your show to the next level, you can outsource your show to us. We have just the artillery you need!

You can reach Kristy Parker at 512-699-0114 or at kparker@lexiconmedical.com.