Physicians Hearing Network: Providing a Unique Service to Physicians and Patients

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Hearing loss is the second most prevalent health issue globally. The number of people with hearing loss is more than those living with Parkinson’s, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and diabetes combined, according to the Hearing Health Foundation. Unfortunately, hearing loss can go undetected, undiagnosed and untreated for years because it is a gradual process that people rarely notice immediately.

This is why Physicians Hearing Network (PHN), a provider in the hearing services market, works directly with physicians to deliver hearing healthcare services to patients at the primary point of care. PHN understands it is physicians who play an important role in determining which patients should be scheduled for a hearing test to quickly determine if hearing loss is present and if a medical referral is necessary.

PHN’s end goal is to provide the hearing impaired throughout the nation access to hearing services through their physicians, including patients who might not have ever received hearing care otherwise. This is possible with a team of highly skilled hearing service providers working inside the office of the primary care physician whom the patient trusts, offering specialized audiology and hearing healthcare services.

“This really is the most convenient and effective way to deliver hearing healthcare services,” says Chuck Redepenning, President & CEO of PHN. “When you really think about it, what we are doing is significant. We are making a difference in patients’ quality of life with one complimentary hearing test.”

PHN’s turnkey solution for physicians is simple. The PHN team facilitates the process of patient hearing evaluations. PHN assists physicians at every step: from utilizing an exam room provided by the practice to staffing a licensed and insured hearing service provider to providing the necessary equipment for hearing aid services and delivering the test results. If hearing loss is identified, PHN also offers the latest technology in hearing aids. Through just a few easy steps, physicians can complete the entire process to ensure their patients receive hearing health care as a continuation of the services they are accustomed to receiving in their care.

Patients benefit greatly from this model since it reduces overall cost of care and allows them to receive the health care they need in the same clinic. It also promotes early detection and treatment of hearing loss as part of an integrated approach to compassionate care. All these factors work together to provide patients customized care, a unique experience because they know they are in good hands when they receive PHN’s quality hearing health care.

Physicians also benefit greatly from the PHN service model, including added ancillary income (compliant with applicable laws) with no disruption to their practice. More importantly, physicians have the satisfaction of contributing to the health and overall wellness of their patients, while helping to prevent serious conditions and other health issues related to hearing loss.

“Hearing health care is in a disruptive period undergoing major changes, and there’s a lot of noise overshadowing what’s important,” says William McCrae, Founder of PHN. “For us, this is first and foremost about quality patient care.”

PHN, a provider in the hearing services market is committed to educating patients and medical communities about the impact hearing loss has on an individual’s overall health, safety and happiness. PHN’s mission is to generate awareness about the consequences of untreated hearing loss and the many available treatment options for patients today. PHN is the largest, fastest growing provider for hearing services exclusive to physicians. PHN is the only audiology consulting and management company exclusive to physicians.

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