How to Relocate in One Easy Step

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Want to simplify the relocation process? Hire a real estate relocation expert! Relocation experts take care of the fussy but necessary evils of moving so your prospective physicians can focus on the excitement and promise of a new career in a new city.

Relocating to even the smallest town can be overwhelming and disorienting for physicians new to town, so with a city that has as much to offer as San Antonio, recruiters want the prospective physicians to be guided by a real estate agent with relocation expertise and top knowledge of the Alamo city.

If you look at a transferee’s to-do list, it’s almost immediately exhausting. There is the listing of their current property and its appraisal, finding a new property in a desirable area of town, finding out what exactly is a desirable area of town, financing, packing, moving and last minute repairs — the list goes on and on. Relocation experts take the majority of these stressors away by handling almost everything across the board.

Real estate relocation agents truly act as one-stop resources for those relocating to a new city. In addition to listing old properties and finding new residences, they navigate the complex legal paperwork that comes along with these transactions and can even help assist with a spouse’s job search. Agents do not just handle the painstaking paperwork and technical minutiae of relocating; they also coordinate with reputable movers, reliable home repair professionals and furniture/appliance vendors to schedule desired services at the transferee’s convenience.

Most importantly, a relocation expert will know San Antonio. Transferees can trust their agent to not only find the perfect home, but the perfect address that is best suited to their way of life. Agents will help relocating physicians determine the best location for their families based on lifestyle preferences, including school options, proximity to major highways, work commute and local community amenities (e.g. public parks, shopping centers, holistic grocers, senior living communities, etc.). Relocation experts will also be able to direct single, young professionals toward the up-and-coming urban residences in San Antonio that support bustling social scenes and offer diverse local entertainment within walkable/bikeable distances.

Super-agent Carey Morgan specializes in relocation and anticipates the many needs her clients require.

“[Real estate] contracts can vary greatly from state to state, so [I walk] clients through what they can expect from the home buying process,” Morgan says. “I’m here for my buyers from the initial tour of our beautiful city all the way to the closing table.”

Morgan also realizes that relocating isn’t strictly business, and she never forgets that the client’s well-being is her main concern.

“It is … important to listen to buyers’ concerns and understand their anxieties about [relocating],” Morgan adds. “It can be very emotional to move away from family and friends and uproot … children. Many times the stress of the move is compounded by the stress of having to sell a home, find a temporary place to live and coordinate the purchase of a new home. Part of my job is to help make the transition as smooth as possible — from locating short-term living options to arranging for school interviews and staying with the buyers every step of the way as they purchase a new home.”

Using a real estate relocation expert is essential to making a move efficient and stress-free. Your company has already sold them on the clinic, so let an agent sell them on San Antonio and help turn their move from a headache into a piece of cake!

Phyllis Browning Co. Director of Corporate Services is Brenda Johnston, CRP, who is a member of RDC (Relocation Directors Council). Johnson offers more than 28 years’ experience in the area of corporate relocation and has received numerous awards in the relocation real estate industry. She can be reached at +1 210-408-4030 or at