Helpful Timeline for Relocating to San Antonio

By Brenda Johnston, CRP
Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Buying a new home is a proud and exciting accomplishment. However, moving — especially relocating to a different city — can seem daunting and stressful.

In our last article we recommended that you hire a real estate relocation expert to take care of the tedious work that goes into selling and buying a home. Now, we have an eight-month timeline that will break down the complex relocation process into a step-by-step checklist, so that by the time the movers arrive, you can enjoy the exciting prospects of your new city!

Months 7 & 8 — Gather Information

  • Contact your employer (new or current, whichever is applicable) and inquire about the relocation support available to you. Explore with them what moving costs they are willing to cover and other relocation resources they offer.
  • Contact a real estate relocation expert. Your current or new employer should be able to put you in touch with a relocation agent. A relocation expert is your best informational resource when it comes to moving to a new city.

Month 6 — Travel and Review

  • Visit your new hometown. By six months out, you should have visited or be scheduled to visit your new city. Your trip should familiarize you with housing communities, school districts and other desirable lifestyle amenities.
  • Begin the search for your new home. Once you have an idea of what your new town is like, meet with your real estate agent to start seriously discussing available housing options in areas of the city you liked.

Months 4 & 5 — Start Preparing

  • Begin home preparations. Discuss with your real estate agent what repairs or updates your current home might need so that you allow yourself ample time and flexibility to implement the changes before listing.
  • Visit prospective homes. Three months prior to your relocation, you’ll want to schedule a second trip to look at the houses you and your real estate agent have discussed.

Month 3 — Decision Time

  • List your current home. At the start of three months out, you will want to list your home on the market so that you have ample time to entertain offers.
  • Speak with your bank or lender. Now is also the time to begin the formal financial process behind buying a home, and that starts by getting prequalified by a lender. A lender will be able to educate you on what exactly you qualify for and answer your financial questions.

Month 2 — Execute

  • Make an offer. At the start of two months out, meet with your real estate agent to discuss the houses you have toured and make an offer on your new home. It will take approximately 45 days to close.
  • Schedule movers. With 60 days until your move, ask your real estate agent to help you find the moving company most appropriate for your needs and to schedule their arrival for you.
  • Begin the decluttering and packing process. Packing nonessentials and clutter will not only save you a headache later, but also readies your house to be photographed at its most pristine so that when it is listed and shown, it is highly marketable.
  • Organize and forward all pertinent records. All medical records, children’s school records and reports, and any other important identifying information should be forwarded to the appropriate parties.

Month 1 — Tie Up Loose Ends

  • Inform the post office and forward all mail to your new address. As well as forwarding your mail to your new home, notify all pertinent parties of your new address.
  • Change utilities. Schedule services for your new home and cancel current services. These might include water, waste, electricity, cable and internet, etc.
  • Have all cars checked and serviced. Take any and all family cars in to be checked and serviced so that you prevent avoidable roadway disasters.

Don’t let your relocation overwhelm you. Take our advice and spread out these obligations over the suggested eight-month period. Remember that your real estate relocation expert is there to help you and so is your prospective employer. Never forget to take full advantage of all the resources they offer you, from providing moving costs to guiding you through your new hometown!

Phyllis Browning Co. Director of Corporate Services is Brenda Johnston, CRP, who is a member of RDC (Relocation Directors Council). Johnson offers more than 28 years’ experience in the area of corporate relocation and has received numerous awards in the relocation real estate industry. She can be reached at +1 210-408-4030 or