Generating New Revenue by Conducting Pre-trial Evaluations

By: Tom Dorsett
Thursday, April 23, 2015

Health care is about the patients. Physicians work for patients. Hospitals work for patients. Treatments are invented, tested and marketed for patients. Patients rely on their physicians and the healthcare system to provide expertise and guidance on which treatment is right for them. However, physicians don’t always know about all the latest treatments available through late-phase clinical trials. 

Health care is complicated, and the majority of patients are not equipped with the knowledge to understand or evaluate all treatment options that are available through trials. It’s the physician’s responsibility to know what treatment options are available and which treatment is best for each patient. ePatientFinder helps physicians learn about and offer the best available treatment options to their patients.

Patients expect physicians to provide the best possible care for them. Knowing what the best care is requires physicians to keep up with cutting-edge treatment options, balancing this against all the other demands placed on their time. Learning about the latest treatments being offered for your patients with Alzheimer’s disease, cancer or severe asthma used to be a time-consuming endeavor — but now it need not be. This is where ePatientFinder comes in.

ePatientFinder connects physicians with information about treatment options that are relevant to their patients. ePatientFinder’s platform contains information on a wide variety of clinical trials. We summarize the information for each of these treatments into no more than 500 words (for reference, this article is approximately 500 words). We structure this summary to contain the information busy, practicing physicians care about. Of course, we provide links to help physicians and patients learn more. We empower physicians to ask questions of their peers, specialists and even the people who developed the treatment in question. This creates a base of expert knowledge, supplemented by crowdsourced wisdom and experience.

We also turn this information into contextual, actionable insights. Through physicians’ EHR applications and our three-tiered filtering system, we help them determine which of their patients would benefit most from these advanced treatments. This means that when a physician learns about a new treatment, he or she need not memorize it and hope to remember it when a relevant patient visits. Further, the physician is able to push knowledge of these treatments to patients before they come into the office. ePatientFinder drives proactive care whenever and wherever possible.

Patients appreciate their physician’s participation in ePatientFinder. They appreciate that their physician is learning about the latest treatment options to provide them with better care. Even more, they are grateful that their physician is taking the time to make them aware of these new treatment options and thinking of them even when they are not in the exam room.

With continued cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance reimbursements, it has become more difficult to maintain sustainable practice revenues. ePatientFinder is able to boost practice revenues by booking concierge screening appointments for participating physicians. When a patient is identified through a practice, ePatientFinder will book the patient to come in for a screening consultation so that his or her own physician can conduct a pre-screening before referring the patient to a trial. Physicians are compensated fair market value for the consultation, regardless of whether they decide to refer the patient. Physicians find these consultations very appealing because they help the patients and generate revenue without any haggling or delays caused by constant negotiation with payers.

Tom DorsettePatientFinder helps physicians provide better patient care, raise patient satisfaction and drive patient volume. The ePatientFinder platform is provided to the practice at no cost. For more information, please call 512-831-5627.