Klarisana is breaking new grounds in the treatment of bipolar disorder (BPD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and chronic pain.
At some stage, business owners are ready to launch and take the next steps to growing their business. In many cases, financing is needed to get to that next level. It’s essential for business owners to have knowledge of the variety of financing options available. For businesses just getting started or those looking to grow, a government-backed loan from the Small Business Administration (SBA) may make the most sense.
Buying a new home is a proud and exciting accomplishment. However, moving — especially relocating to a different city — can seem daunting and stressful.
Since beginning its transformation journey in 2012, The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio has ushered in a new era of pediatric care in the country’s seventh largest city.
Conditions improved in the San Antonio medical office market in the first quarter. Citywide occupancy within the city’s inventory of more than 7 million square feet of medical-only office lease space improved compared to the previous quarter, and rents ticked up. Demand for medical office space generated positive net absorption in the first three months of the year, reversing the negative absorption trend that troubled the market last year.
Although we’re off to a soggy start, summertime has arrived. Between children out of school, family vacations and making plans for fall, there is a lot to keep people busy. Summer also signals the halfway point of the year, and by now, most practices have a decent feel for how the year is going for them financially. With this information in mind, it is never too soon to start thinking about year-end planning.
It’s summertime in Texas, and that makes me think of three things: swimming pools, watermelon and fireworks!
The Joint Commission and American Heart Association/American Stroke Association certifies University Hospital as capable of treating the most complex stroke patients with the most advanced care available.
Online and off-line data security continues to challenge large and small businesses, costing companies money – real money. Unlike consumer fraud protection, businesses do not enjoy the same protection when they experience fraud on their commercial bank accounts. It’s critical that businesses know their liability and responsibility when dealing with cyber fraud.
Providing adolescent and general gynecology, infertility solutions, cancer treatment, urogynecologic services, and care for healthy and high-risk pregnancies, the UT Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology practice is equipped to meet women’s health needs at all stages of life.
If a move, move-up, down-size or construction project is in the near future, then preparation is very important for getting the right and best mortgage loan for you.
Want to simplify the relocation process? Hire a real estate relocation expert! Relocation experts take care of the fussy but necessary evils of moving so your prospective physicians can focus on the excitement and promise of a new career in a new city.
In most every instance that is reported regarding embezzlement or theft, the owner of the business is stunned that his or her trusted employee would have committed such an act.
Just 40 years ago, surgeons performing surgery had basically just a few methods for determining whether neurological deficits occurred during the procedure: Anesthesiologists could “wake” the patient slightly during surgery and test nerve function, or the surgeons would wait until the procedure was over and determine the patient’s post-surgical level of function. Today, intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM) — which allows trained technologists to monitor patients’ neurological function in real time during surgery — takes the guesswork about neurological function changes out of the equation.
The Challenge: Assist a physician in locating a building for purchase within a specific budget in the high-priced market of Alamo Heights.
Most physicians now have firsthand experience with using electronic health records (EHRs) and are aware of the potential benefits EHRs offer to the healthcare industry.
The last thing a medical practice wants to face is an IRS audit. Fortunately, audit rates are low — around 1 percent — making IRS audits the exception rather than the rule. However, if your practice is unlucky enough to be audited, there are three important points to remember.