Abundant Staffing and Abundant Senior Living Solutions: Compassion, Care and Expertise

By Josh Garcia
Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Abundant Staffing and Abundant Senior Living Solutions deliver talented medical professionals to healthcare providers in need of staffing assistance while also offering guidance to senior adults in search of senior living arrangements.

In February 2018, CEO Denise Jaworski and COO Nick Ortega launched Abundant Staffing and Abundant Senior Living Solutions. Abundant Staffing provides licensed medical staff members for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, acute rehabilitation centers, doctor’s offices, and hospice and home health organizations. Abundant Senior Living Solutions provides free support to senior adults and families in search of senior housing communities.

“For 15 years, I worked with large corporations in the senior living industry, which helped give me the skill set and opportunities to start these ventures,” Jaworski says. “Nick is a nurse and has experience in the medical field, which helps guide some of our nursing employees and decisions in the medical realm.”

“Serving seniors has been my passion for as long as I can recall. I remember being four or five years old and doing home visits with my father, who is a minister. My mother was a nurse in a skilled nursing facility, and I would spend my time interacting with seniors there on weekends. I don’t know a time in my life when I wasn’t helping seniors. I don’t consider it a job; I consider it a calling.”
— Denise Jaworski, CEO of Abundant Senior Living Solutions and Abundant Staffing

Specialized Staffing

Abundant Staffing offers per diem and contract staffing as well as direct hire capabilities. With more than 300 employees in its talent pool, Abundant Staffing covers a wide range of services, from nursing to specialized care and more.

“One of the things we pride ourselves on is the fact that our staff all have experience in their fields, from pediatrics to senior care,” Jaworski says. “We do not bring on anyone without one year of clinical experience.”

In situations where health organizations need extra personnel to help in a crisis on short notice, the experience of the employees under Abundant Staffing can make all the difference.

“A hospice patient may suddenly need 24-hour nursing care,” Jaworski says. “We can cover those types of immediate needs as well.”

Employees are also skilled in documenting necessary data for Medicare funding and reimbursements, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s healthcare landscape.

“We turn challenges into solutions at Abundant Senior Living Solutions by giving families a smooth, easy, unforgettable experience as they find the right place for Mom and Dad.”
— Nick Ortega, COO of Abundant Senior Living Solutions and Abundant Staffing

Talent and Technology

Unlike some other agencies, Abundant Staffing offers its employees competitive wages and benefits in a structure that allows them to set their own schedules and helps avoid burnout.

“Our wages help us stand behind our promise to send quality professionals for whatever talent gaps need to be filled,” Jaworski says. “We also don’t tell our people when they have to work. A large majority of our talent pool is made up of millennials, so we know how to communicate with them and how to use technology to further enhance the speed and quality of our services.”

While Jaworski and her team appreciate advanced notice whenever possible, the technological capabilities of Abundant Staffing bring job opportunities to the attention of its talent pool within seconds.

“The minute we receive notice of that facility’s need, we use our technology platform to reach all active employees in seconds,” Jaworski says.

If a healthcare organization finds that it wants to employ someone from Abundant Staffing for the long term, it can buy out the employee’s contract with the equivalent of a direct hire fee.

“We actually have that happen quite a lot, and we’re OK with that,” Jaworski says. “Ultimately, it’s all about doing what’s right for our clients.”

Abundant Senior Living Solutions

To better serve senior adults and help physicians who may not be familiar with assisted living or skilled care services, Jaworski and Ortega established Abundant Senior Living Solutions, which helps families and older individuals navigate the process of choosing a senior living community based on their personal preferences and financial needs.

“Our services are completely free for our clients, no matter if we spend five hours with them or 30 hours,” Jaworski says. “We get paid by the partnerships we have with the senior living communities.”

Abundant Senior Living Solutions helps 15 to 20 people find senior living communities every month in a hands-on, personalized fashion. Rather than sending contact information to its partner communities and letting clients deal with a barrage of phone calls and tours, Jaworski and her team personally guide their clients on tours of two or three communities at a time.

“If our clients want to give out their personal information because they like a particular community, then they can,” Jaworski says. “But if they don’t, I can serve as their go-between and tell those communities to call me instead.”

Though clients can tour more communities if necessary, Jaworski and her team are usually able to meet the financial and social needs of their clients during the first round of tours.

Simple and Secure

Once clients select a community that works for them, Abundant Senior Living Solutions can report back to physicians to let them know about their patients’ outcomes. As with its sister business, Abundant Senior Living Solutions uses technology to share relevant information and help expedite the process.

“If a physician wants to partner with us, we can give them a number to text us information through a HIPAA-secure platform,” Jaworski explains. “They don’t even have to pick up the phone and call us. That’s how simple we try to make our processes.”

To learn more, visit abundantstaffing.com or abundantseniorlivingsolutions.com or call 210-760-0892.