Your Aging Patients’ Medical Home

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

It’s no secret that with our increasing population of older adults comes a substantial need for geriatricians to coordinate primary care for your senior patients. 

Geriatricians specialize in this unique population and in managing their numerous medications, multiple specialists, frequent hospitalizations and the inevitable transition to more intensive levels of care.

UT Medicine Senior Health streamlines health care for aging patients, their families and their providers by maintaining consistent relationships with the patients’ many different specialists and numerous medical partners in the community. 

By serving as the “medical home” for your patients, our board-certified geriatricians and specialized medical team can monitor their health as they move through emergency departments, rehabilitation facilities, multiple specialty physicians and other areas of care.

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Raising the Bar

UT Medicine recently achieved National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Level 2 status for its efforts in providing a Patient-Centered Medical Home, which encompasses the ability to provide comprehensive care, a patient-centered approach, coordinated care, accessible services and high-quality, safe outcomes with continuous improvement me

UT-Doc In Office 250Your older patients may need UT Medicine Senior Health:

  • If they do not have a primary care provider and need to establish care
  • When they are relying on your specialty practice for their primary care needs
  • To maintain the continuum of care across multiple medical specialties
  • For efficient transition of care between different healthcare levels, settings and locations
  • For consultation on dementia, dizziness, palliative care and related specialties
  • To manage multiple and complex medications
  • To monitor chronic diseases and comorbidities as well as their interactions
  • For regular wellness visits or acute same-day visits

For referrals or to speak with a UT Medicine Senior Health provider, call 210-450-9890. Our geriatric-friendly ambulatory practice is located at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Medical Center – Tower 1, 2829 Babcock Road, Suite 525 in San Antonio, Texas 78229. Learn more at