Should Your Practice Consider Providing Ancillary Services?

In today’s evolving healthcare environment, physicians are seeking to broaden their services to increase revenue and improve the quality of care. This idea of expansion into ancillary services within the healthcare industry is sought as practices are seeing a decline in patient reimbursements and a rise in everyday operational costs.

Consider All Options for Home Financing

San Antonio has always been known as a big city with a small-town, friendly atmosphere.

It’s Never Too Soon to Start Tax Planning

While the summer months are typically synonymous with vacations, this is also the halfway point of the calendar year, and by now, most practices should have a decent feel for how the year is going financially. An up-to-date profit and loss statement with a balance sheet and cash flow...

The Fight to Stay Independent

We hear a lot of discussion about physicians not being able to maintain their independent medical practices because of greatly increased administrative burdens, higher expenses and especially the current trend of lower reimbursements. That same discussion points out that physicians leaving residency will not open new practices, opting instead to join hospital systems.

Is the Direct Primary Care Model for You?

Dina Petrutsas, CPA

Many physicians may recall years ago when commercial insurance payers paid a percentage above the CMS Allowable, and Medicare was one of their lowest payers. Today, for many small groups and solo physician offices, Medicare is their best payer. This change has caused...

What Should You Do To Protect Against Fraud?

As technology rapidly changes, you are more prone to fraud attacks, so it’s essential you know how to protect your accounts from fraud. Take the opportunity to review them often to reduce that risk.

    A Recap of Ideas for a More Profitable Medical Practice

    Over the last few months, there has been a noticeable increase in articles in various medical magazines about how to make our physicians’ practices more profitable. The increase in expenses and stagnant-to-declining revenues continue to hit our medical practices hard. As a CPA who works with several medical practices, I read these articles with great interest.

    Internal Controls Could Improve Your Practice’s Bottom Line

    In the medical practice setting, theft is often perpetrated by the same individuals who are typically given access to both financial assets and your trust: your own employees.

    Many Practicing Physicians Are Behind for Retirement

    The 2016 US Physicians’ Financial Preparedness report by the American Medical Association shows that nearly 40 percent of practicing physicians are behind on retirement. Investing passively in multifamily apartment real estate provides a great avenue to retire or be financially...

    Continuation of the New Tax Law

    We cannot spend too much time talking to our physician clients about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) effective this year. Many important changes made will impact all business owners.