Treatments & Techniques

The Right Approach to Leg Pain

Many patients present to their physician with the complaint of leg pain. Sometimes it is a minor, self-limited injury. Often leg symptoms radiate from back pain or peripheral neuropathy in a diabetic patient, a far too common problem in South Texas. But leg pain, often associated with open ulcer wounds, could be from peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

Prostate MRI and Targeted Biopsy

According to SEER Cancer Statistics Review 1975–2007 (Bethesda Maryland NCI 2010), the mortality rate from prostate cancer has dropped 39 percent in the age of the PSA screening.

A Lifetime of Women’s Health at UT Medicine

Providing adolescent and general gynecology, infertility solutions, cancer treatment, urogynecologic services, and care for healthy and high-risk pregnancies, the UT Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology practice is equipped to meet women’s health needs at all stages of life.

Reticulocyte Hemoglobin Content (RET-He): Clinical Value of a Key Parameter in Reticulocyte Evaluation

The complete blood count (CBC) with reticulocytes, one of the most frequently ordered lab tests, may be underutilized by physicians for diagnostic purposes.

Vida Scientific Brings the Power of Delphinol to Glucose Control

The innovative San Antonio company partners with physicians to help patients reduce oxidative stress, manage glucose spikes and decrease fasting glucose levels.

UT Medicine Urology: Delivering Advanced Urologic Oncology to South Texas

The UT Medicine Urology physicians treat routine and complex conditions, from kidney stones to rare cancers.

A Circle of Collaborative, Clinical Care at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – Medical Center and CHRISTUS Transplant Institute

Drawing on the advanced skills of a multidisciplinary team of specialists, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – Medical Center and CHRISTUS Transplant Institute provide comprehensive care to ensure patients in renal failure obtain the highest possible quality of life.

STAGE Center at Methodist Hospital Provides Full Scope of Gastroenterology Care to South Texas

The South Texas Advanced Gastroenterology (STAGE) Center at Methodist Hospital combines experience and expertise to deliver comprehensive care to patients throughout the region.

UT Medicine’s Full Spectrum of Neurosciences Care Lives in South Texas

With clinical care, research and academics at the forefront, UT Medicine’s neurosciences program serves both adults and children with the most comprehensive neurological and neurosurgical services.

Study Links Poor Sleep to Diabetes

Poor sleep could result in diabetes. In the June 6, 2014, online edition of The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, researchers concluded there appears to be a confirmed link between sleep apnea and the risk of developing diabetes.