Practice Management

The Unexamined Employee Handbook Is Not Worth Having

Even considering the time commitment required to maintain a quality employee handbook, there is little question that employee handbooks can be priceless in solving problems, resolving issues and providing benefits to employers and employees alike.

Is the Direct Primary Care Model for You?

Dina Petrutsas, CPA

Many physicians may recall years ago when commercial insurance payers paid a percentage above the CMS Allowable, and Medicare was one of their lowest payers. Today, for many small groups and solo physician offices, Medicare is their best payer. This change has caused...

Clean up your A/R

When you review your December 2018 billing reports, take a close look at your A/R Aging Report to determine the amount of unpaid money in the 120-plus-day bucket.

5 Major Financial Mistakes Made by Doctors

To become a physician takes exceptional dedication and focus. Doctors acquire a vast quantity of medical knowledge but too little in the business management area. In today’s environment, business issues can dominate the running of a medical practice. It is important for you to be aware of common mistakes that are made in operating a practice, and even more importantly, to address the possibility that you are making some of these mistakes.

Successful New Physician Onboarding

Your recruiting process started months ago, the new physician has executed the employment agreement and now it’s time for the new physician to join the practice. If your practice doesn’t have an onboarding checklist, now is the time to develop it.

Are You Causing Staff Turnover?

No matter the size of your medical practice, staff turnover can cause problems if there aren’t enough staff members to ensure patient appointment demands are met. Could some of the turnover be prevented if we took a different approach to managing our practice?

Everyone’s Job in the Medical Practice Has an Impact on the Revenue Cycle

Does your staff think those who work in the Billing Department are the only staff members responsible for the revenue cycle? If they do, you may want to have an impromptu staff meeting to discuss how everyone plays a role in the revenue cycle.

Keep a Healthy Pulse on Your Business: How a Professional Employer Organization Can Help

Medical practice costs across the nation continue to rise — from increased wages for your staff in an ever-tightening job market, to rising employee benefit costs and increased overhead costs. At the same time, due to lower carrier reimbursement rates, you often must absorb these rising costs.

Increasing Your Medical Practice’s Revenue May Be Easier Than You Think

We have written other articles in the past about decreased revenue and increased expenses. It’s an issue every medical practice must understand and take steps to reverse the trends. Increasing your revenue could be as easy as getting rid of some bad employee habits or increasing your social media presence.

Cyber Security: Are You on Guard?

Online and offline data security continues to challenge large and small businesses, costing companies money — real money. Unlike consumers, businesses do not enjoy the same protection when they experience fraud on their commercial bank accounts. It’s critical that businesses know their liability and responsibility when dealing with cyber fraud.