LINRON® Bioskills Training Institute Approved as ATLS® Training Site

Jackie Boyle
Wednesday, April 8, 2015

LINRON® Bioskills Training Institute announced it will be conducting its first Advanced Trauma Life Support Initial Provider Course (ATLS®) April 11-12 at its bioskills lab at 5711 Northwest Parkway in San Antonio. The course will provide its participants with a concise, safe, and reliable approach to assessing and managing injured patients.  ATLS will be meeting a critical educational need for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, EMT personnel, and other medical professionals who are regularly responsible for the care of trauma patients.  An ATLS Refresher Course will also be offered on May 23. 

Each year, thirty million injuries require medical attention and approximately four million people require hospitalization.  As many as 300,000 individuals are permanently disabled each year as a result of a trauma incident. LINRON®’s Lab Manager, Yolanda S. Garza, RN, said the 2 day hands-on skills session in simulated trauma settings will teach doctors lifesaving skills and a standardized approach to trauma care in an interactive format.

Garza expounded, “LINRON® Bioskills Training Institute has been approved by the American College of Surgeons to provide ATLS training - which is wonderful news for our facility.  We have become aware that more medical health professionals may be required to attend an ATLS program in the near future; As a result, we’re trying to get ahead of the curve and provide this life saving training program for countless physicians and mid-level providers who practice at trauma centers and other facilities throughout San Antonio and the state.” The bioskills lab plans to offer 4-6 ATLS classes per year, or more, if needed.

ATLS Coordinator Sam Rodriguez said he will be coordinatingthe first class, starting next month, and he is pleased that the community will be able to benefit from multiple ATLS classes being offered throughout the year. “This is an important and necessary medical training program. The emphasis is on the critical ‘golden hour’ of care, focusing on initial assessment, life saving intervention, reevaluation, stabilization, and when needed, transfer to a higher level of care center,” Rodriguez added.

The ATLS® Program was developed in 1980 by the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma so that physicians could follow a systematic, concise approach to caring for and treating trauma patients. The course provides an organized approach for evaluation and management of seriously injured patients and offers a foundation of common knowledge for all members of a trauma team.  

LINRON® Bioskills Training Institute is a newly established, state-of-the-art bioskills training facility located in the heart of the San Antonio Medical Center. It is dedicated to the ever-changing, hands-on training needs of the numerous physicians and healthcare support professionals who spend their lives  constantly improving healthcare standards and practices.