Texas Expands Medical Cannabis Program: New Hope for More Patients

Signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in June 2019, HB 3703 allows patients with epilepsy and seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, autism, terminal cancer, and neurodegenerative conditions to pursue physician-guided and monitored treatment with low-THC medical cannabis oil that’s rich in the compound cannabidiol (CBD).

Hypoglycemia Following Weight-Loss Surgery

Diabetes remission after weight-loss surgery is well recognized, but for a few, low blood sugars develop years afterward.

Becoming Virtuosa

“How come you’re still making it when so many around us aren’t?” One of my colleagues asked me at lunch in the doctor’s lounge last week. He, like I, owns a private practice, an endangered species in these times of corporate buyouts and hospital ownership of medical practices.

How to Increase Profits in a Medical Practice

There have been numerous articles written about this topic, and you may ask “why should I read this one?” The short answer is, you may pick up a new tip or two.

University Health System: Compassionate Physicians Deliver Advanced Gynecologic Research and Treatment

At University Health System, physicians offer therapies that can benefit patients with complex gynecologic diseases and conditions, making the system a referral hub for the surrounding...