San Antonio Housing Update — ARM Yourself with More Buying Power

San Antonio has always been known as a big city with a small-town, friendly atmosphere. That trend continues with our luxury home market as the Alamo City grew at a faster pace than the rest of the Texas major markets and yet still maintained its desirable affordability.

A New Center of Excellence Takes Aim at South Texas Liver Cancer Problem

The Texas Liver Tumor Center provides a one-stop location to serve patients with liver cancer and their families.

Billing for Additional Complaints During the Preventive Examination

Are you leaving money on the exam table? Many providers are performing additional services at the patient’s request during the preventive examination and not taking credit for their work.

Q&A With a San Antonio Relocation Expert

With a spot in Forbes’ Top 10 list of Fastest-Growing Cities and Milken Institute’s 2015 Best-Performing Cities report1, it’s no wonder why medical professionals are looking to relocate to the San Antonio area. While a strong job market and a surplus of people to serve is enticing to individuals in the healthcare industry, relocating is not always as simple as a quick move. Fortunately, there are fantastic resources, including relocation experts, to help transferees make their move as smooth as possible.

Taking Control of Controls (Ways to Prevent Fraud)

Firstly, there are two types of fraud: 1) fraudulent financial reporting, usually orchestrated by upper management, involves misrepresenting financial results in the form of falsifying...