A Center of Excellence for Children With Heart Problems Opens Its Doors

The University Children’s Health Heart Center at University Health System is designed for the care and comfort of patients and their families, designed to meet their physical and emotional needs.

A World-class Expert in Respiratory Support Reimagines Mechanical Ventilation

Neonatologist Adel Bougatef, MD, PhD, has partnered with San Antonio pediatric respiratory durable medical equipment provider Wave Healthcare to create an approach to mechanical ventilation that accounts for each individual patient’s unique lung compliance with the goal of reducing ventilation-related complications.

When Was the Last Time You Increased Your Fee Schedule?

When reviewing claims in the practice management system, you notice many claims have been paid at 100 percent of the practice’s fee schedule. Further review shows the practice’s fee schedule has not been updated in the past few years, and the current fee schedule is less than the Medicare allowables. Your research also shows the practice has been losing revenue for the past few years because it has been undercharging for its services.

President Trump and Taxes

Donald Trump took office on Jan. 20 as the 45th President of the United States. When the 115th Congress convened in January, the Republican Party had control of the Presidency, the House of Representatives and the Senate. Whereas there are differences in Trump’s proposed tax legislation and the proposals published by the House Ways and Means Committee, there are still some similarities that lead us to believe that tax legislation is likely to be enacted in 2017.

University Medicine Associates: Caring for the Community

With more than 150 physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants providing care to patients in more than 22 locations in the San Antonio area, University Medicine Associates is one of the largest provider groups around — and arguably among the least well-known.