Giving Hope to Those With Epilepsy

The Level 4 South Texas Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at University Health System offers a wide range of advanced diagnostic and treatment options for patients young and old.

Is Your Private Banker Your Primary Care Financial Services Provider?

Medical professionals know that it often takes a team of people to take care of a patient, and the same can be said for the support needed to successfully manage someone’s diverse financial and banking needs. The most effective private wealth services banking relationships surround the client with a team of professionals with specialized financial expertise ready to support you and your business.

Are Coding and Billing Mistakes Hurting Your Medical Practice?

In today’s healthcare environment, it is imperative to ensure your medical practice performs its billing and coding function at the highest level possible.

New Depreciation Rules: Write-offs Everywhere You Look

Starting in 2016, the IRS changed the rules for the capitalization and depreciation of fixed assets with the introduction of Notice 2015-82. For many businesses, this change both simplifies record keeping and provides the opportunity to accelerate income tax deductions.

A Center of Excellence for Children With Heart Problems Opens Its Doors

The University Children’s Health Heart Center at University Health System is designed for the care and comfort of patients and their families, designed to meet their physical and emotional needs.